About us

About Nimos Telecom – we will bring expertise and experience installation demand, maintenance and repair of optical fiber networks in the private and public applications.

About Nimos telecom values:

  • our clients satisfaction
  • impeccable expertise
  • Nimos Telecom company’s durability

Created in Cluj-Napoca, our company is in the heart of telecommunications networks.

Currently we’re dedicated to the design, installation, operation and commercialization of optical fiber in Cluj, which is indispensable for competitiveness and attractiveness of the territory. The 100% optical fiber network will provide optimal coverage in the region and will guarantee complete and evolutionary services.

We intervene on the implementation of optical fiber networks: installation and maintenance. Our experienced and multidisciplinary technicians team is able to meet our customers requirements. They are sensitized for national rules of safety at work and have the necessary training to perform their tasks safely.

We adapt and constantly train our staff for new technologies in the area of optical fibers and adequately equip them with the latest equipment. Our work quality is guaranteed and we provide the necessary support to all our customers.

With our experience, we move quickly to different types of interventions for residential and professional networks.

We have collaborated and still cooperate with various small and large private companies .

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About us Nimos Telecom fiber optic