Optical fiber

Nowadays, the optical fiber finds more and more application areas. Due to the quality of signal transmission, fiber optics is used in medicine, the detection devices, lights and telecommunications.

Optical fiber :

Being so thin as hair and stronger than steel, it is one of the biggest technological advancements in the field of wiring, losing all the disadvantages of electric wiring (power, impedance, etc …). Its purpose is the transportation of light source which can be either a laser or a light emitting diode. So it offers a very high transmission speed, a slightly attenuated transmission mode,a very large bandwidth and multiplexing multiple signals (multi modal fibers). All that being lightweight, small size and highly flexible.

optical fiber details

The optical fiber is a waveguide that exploits the properties of refracting light. Usually it consists of a heart surrounded by a coating of optical plywood. The middle of the fibre has a refractory hint slightly higher than the plywood so it can guide light. All these being covered by a plastic casing.

There are many scientific fields related to optical fibers: electromagnetism and optics that describe wave propagation. Condensed matter physics and glass which constitutes the propagation of light in optical fibers. Quantum physics that allow the understandingof energy on atomic level.

Application of optical fiber in telecommunications:

In telecommunications, optical fiber is used to transmit information, such as telephone, image or data. It is probably one of the areas where the use of optical fibers is the most important for the future. A copper wire can withstand only a few communications, while the optical fiber withstands 300.000 of them. The fibers are used for high speed networks. They have the ability of achieving the transmission speeds of gb per second (transatlantic wiring) with a very light attenuation due to the multiplex can reach hundred Gbits / s.

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