Nimos Telecom optical fiber installation services :

  • best quality work,
  • permanently available to our clients,
  • warranty after installation

optical fiber installation services

Nimos Telecom Services:

  • Services adapted to clients needs.

We create feasibility and infrastructure studies for public or private owners, to bring adapted connectivity solutions.

  • Supply of optical fiber between sites.

On public domain we realize install optical networks vertically and horizontally for buildings and business parks. Installation can be done for the account of private or public client’s.

  • Providing a pricing quote in less than 2 days.

Our pricing quotes are created according to the customer and in his advantage considering their requests on the installation process and caracteristics. Nimos Telecom proposes the best solutions for the clients needs.

  • For all orders, NimosTelecom will designates a responsible who will be the customers privileged interface.

A designated person from Nimos Telecom will accompany permanently the customer from the beginning to the end of the contract, being accessible for any technical or commercial questions.

  • Installation (connecting, welding, test, etc …) of optical fiber mono or multimodal telecommunications networks.

Maintain in operational conditions of optical fiber networks to ensure availability.

  • Telecom operator connection.

Our priority targets are telecom operators and enterprises, we intend to build a quality and long lasting partnership.

  • Troubleshooting, maintenance and preventive maintenance of various optical fiber networks.

We are able to intervene on any underway or completed projects, to troubleshoot inoperable networks and if needed, the professional expertise for putting them into operation.

Suntem in masura de a interveni pe orice proiecte in desfasurare sau terminate, pentru a depana retele nefunctionale si in nevoie de expertiza de profesionisti pentru punerea ei in functiune.

  • 24/24 customer service from the starting point of network installation.

Because we understand the importance of businesses to run constantly, we are available to them at any time. Contact us now by phone or mail.